New rod finished just before the Minnesota Fishing Opener

I just finished a new rod for a friend of mine who’s giving it to his dad for Father’s day.  Check it out.  He’s going to be so excited to use it.  He’s a big walleye fisherman so it will be exciting to see how it performs!



Is a fishing rod worth repairing?

As a fishing rod builder, you often get asked by anglers if you will repair their fishing rod or whether its even worth it.  It’s a very good question and in my opinion the answer is “it depends.”

The key to whether or not its worth repairing is where the rod has broken.  While all rods can be fixed, I do not recommend it.  The only rod fixes I recommend are those where its a break at the tip and you can simply reduce the tip length.  Yes, you loose sensitivity, but if its only a few inches, you should still be able to work with it.  **Note however it will never be the same rod**.

I would not recommend fixing any break that requires the builder to put two pieces of rod back together.  While it can be done, you will loose sensitivity and action.   At this point, I’d recommend have a rod builder build you a new rod.